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Seen in Midtown East

markus hartel photography L1008268 Seen in Midtown East

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Seen in Midtown West

markus hartel photography L1008267 Seen in Midtown West

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George Washington Bridge

markus hartel photography L1008275 George Washington Bridge

George Washington Bridge in all its glory for Columbus Day!

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Grand Central Station

markus hartel photography 2014 10 23 15.06.11 1 Grand Central Station

cell phone shot from the 17th floor on 355 Madison Ave. (old Facebook offices)

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Newburgh Beacon Ferry

markus hartel street photography new york 1008301 Newburgh Beacon Ferry

File this under “I took the shot anyways”. I normally don’t like to take photos of people’s backs, but sometimes there is something to see, or to look at – explore for yourselves…

2014 10 23 07.40.07 1 Newburgh Beacon Ferry

The Hamilton Fish Newburgh Beacon Bridge in the background.

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