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One Way

black and white street photography by Markus Hartel, New York City

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About Markus

Markus Hartel is a (street) photographer, graphic designer and educator living and working in New York City.
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15 Responses to “One Way”

  1. Nice B&W. I like the focus on the main character and the overall atmosphere

  2. Abhijit says:

    Beautiful grains:-)

  3. I like this technic.

  4. Kristian says:

    Tense capture. With a sort of indifference to it. Wicked cool Markus!

  5. jennifer says:

    Like the grainy texture, it’s different for you. Half of them look freezing and the other half don’t seem to be bothered by the cold at all. Great juxtaposition!
    Just curious if you’ve ever had someone get upset over you taking their picture….

  6. I never really got bothered by anybody (well once, in Harlem a few years ago). oftentimes people would see me with a camera and stare at it, but I guess they can’t figure out what’s going on. On some rare occasion people may cover their faces or turn away and I’d oftentimes still get a shot.

  7. Pierre says:

    A picture containing a multitude of contrasts.

  8. Bob Brown says:

    Splendid! Works on many levels. Looks like someone put a seed pod under her bed.

  9. Ilan says:

    This is amazing photo… Can’t stop enjoying this!
    Superbly seen and capture, thanks a lot for sharing!

  10. Tom K. says:

    A timeless classic.

  11. jon kobeck says:

    Fantastic Marcus! May I ask which camera-lens you used? My guess is the Leica

  12. jon kobeck says:

    also, looks like you used flash ?

  13. thanks! this was actually taken with the Ricoh GRD II and no flash.

  14. Diana says:

    Dig this shot-

  15. peon says:

    Hello Markus,

    Have you ever had the chance to use the Ricoh GR1v? If so, I was wondering what your feedback would be. Thanks, p.