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Back to the future…

street photography by Markus Hartel, New York

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interesting how many keyboard warriors are coming out of the closet to critique flame the recent POV video on gizmodo and petapixel

oh, Inwood, if you’d like to comment, try not to do it anonymously, as that gets deleted right away…

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Markus Hartel is a (street) photographer, graphic designer and educator living and working in New York City.
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6 Responses to “Back to the future…”

  1. mrbolano says:

    It’s astonding how many experts there are on the net hey?

    And it doesn’t matter what you do, they’ll nail you for something.

    I liked the POV video. Gave me a nice insight into how you work. Me, I don’t have the balls to shoot on the streets so good on ya! Your work speaks for itself.

    • mhartel says:

      thank you Patrick! over the years I learned to ignore the keyboard warriors – it’s easy to say something negative behind someone’s back… keep up the good work, I like the bandaged heads a lot!

  2. Nabaz Anwar says:

    Well… there are always people with different tastes. you shouldn’t take it too hard. Besides… true street photographers can see and understand the video. And yes… most of the shots were below your usual standard… but street photographer (the true ones) know how ridiculous though it is just to come home with one keeper.
    I have recently tried to start a project here in Copenhagen, Denmark. I want to bring the street photography culture to the north (Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo). And I have also tried to upload some videos and such to show my people here something they can recognize. I have recently tried the Go Pro on cam. Really nice stuff.
    Anyway… keep up the good work… besides you are not doing it for all and everybody, but mostly for you and true street photographer.

    have a nice day friend.

    • mhartel says:

      way to go! please share your video and your work… and thank you for the insightful comment

  3. They’ve always been around and always will be, the dreaded keyboard warriors! Why is it that people shun people so readily on the net, i bet they wouldn’t say it to their faces! If it’s any consolation the situation is exactly the same here in the UK.

  4. Steve says:

    First of all it should not bother you as the success in on your side.

    Nevertheless, I was very surprised about your working style as shown in the video but do not know how representative the video is for that purpose.

    At the very beginning of the movie you simply float in the masses which to me is very reasonable to get close. But it is surprising that at least at that point of the video you never really did any kind of framing or composing of the single shots. You simply pressed the button as you passed by. No correction for composition. No change of the viewpoint- even not in small scales. Nothing. So to many the shots might look like lucky keepers added with ps skills. I guess the beginning was more a kind of warm-up.

    I would have expect for example that you explore opportunities like the two floor lights with more patience or follow on interesting subjects like the couple under the narrow, clear sight umbrella.

    This comment is not meant as any kind of critics it only reflects that my expectations were not met in the video.

    So my question is how far this video really reflects your working style in your point of view?

    Whatever your answer is what works for you is fine and keep on going.