3 thoughts on “Return of the Gentleman II”

  1. there’s some kind of disconnect between the man and the bike, that makes it chic!! i get the impression he has no actual association with the bike but the pose typically suggests he would have.

    imo, clone out the cone on the roof of the silver vehicle (try putting your thumb over it to see)and it gives the suit even more pull.

    pumpkins rubber-knecking the shoot : )

  2. I did something silly and googled street photographers in new york and found you. I am going to NYC next week with a mamiya 7II and a bag of tri-x from my home in Spain. I say it was silly because I should arrive there with my own vision not with others photos in the back of my mind. This being said , while the above is not street it has something , a gravitas..as the other poster said the background is perhaps a bit busy but then again its a matter of taste and i could argue it both ways. the street is busy.

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