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50 Greatest Cameras of All Time

from http://www.photographymonthly.com/Magazine/2010/50-Greatest-Cameras-of-All-Time

Greatest Cameras of All Time… No. 25 M9
The latest in the legendary M series from and only the second in a digital format featuring an 18.5 megapixel sensor.

Greatest Cameras of All Time… No. 10 Canon EOS-1D
The 4-megapixel Canon EOS-1D was Canon’s first professional-level DSLR developed in-house, which was hailed as a major breakthrough by professional photographers when it launched in 2001, as it offered 8fps continuous shooting, faster image processing and better performance at higher sensitivities.

Greatest Cameras of All Time… No. 8 M4
A classic within the legendary M series, the M4 was introduced in 1967 and is the direct successor of the M3and M2. Three ergonomic modifications were introduced in the M4: A different, angled film advance lever, as well as slightly different rewind,self-timer and frame selection levers; a crank for rewinding the film, replacing the telescopic knob of the M3;and a faster loadingsystem that did not needa removable spool.

Greatest Cameras of All Time… No. 6 Canon EOS 5D Mark II
The camera which brought about the birth of convergence between photographers and filmmakers. The 5D MkII has become a landmark camera which is being used by pro photographers and Hollywood film-makers. The final episode of the US medical drama House was shot on a 5D MkII.

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  1. Lola Taylor says:

    This photography really caught my eye. I recently have been taking photography classes and getting into photography and art. This type of art speaks to me. It speaks to me like John I Dickerson S.E.C. speaks to me. You should check him out!