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digital and zone focusing

I love my for its ease-of-use and the feel of a great engineered piece of equipment – everything is just broken down to the bare necessities and the camera is built to last… also, I love the look of a photograph taken with black and white film. Nonetheless, I really like the convenience that my digital camera offers -by now, an outperformed Canon 10D.

Forget about the film vs. digital discussions I read every day on the web, opinions differ. My side of the fence – I hate the time consuming process of scanning every single negative. It takes me two hours or so to scan a roll of film – I preview every frame and scan what I like… With the hit and miss rate within my shooting style it IS a pain in the ass, especially since my time for street shooting is very restricted. I’m working 9 to 5, remember?

Finally, I’ve discovered adapters that allows me to mount old school manual lenses with decent distance scales on my Canon EOS camera. If this works out, I’m in heaven… no film developing, scanning and all that time consuming stuff… processing will be (almost) the same in Photoshop…
Reliable on the DSLR!! downside – “real” focusing using the squinty viewfinder sucks big time (I mean BIG TIME & impractical) I ordered a 3rd party split screen, we’ll see how that goes… Well, one more tidbit… I happen to keep my color shots in color, but love b/w. WTF?

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