Return of the Gentleman

Markus Hartel photography

Jean-Philippe, shot today yesterday for an upcoming micro-website “Return of the Gentleman”… I rigged a hotshoe flash to a 20″ beauty dish, and used a wireless trigger. worked like a charm. the’s framing was not accurate enough to get the dish out of the way, so I quickly switched to my friend’s 5D… man, I love that camera, except for the pokey autofocus.

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9 thoughts on “Return of the Gentleman”

  1. Gotta love the 5D (what I shoot for my street photography as well). Big and clunky, but gets the job done.

    Oh yeah–great lifestyle portrait BTW.

  2. Hi! I’m loving your street photography. Found you via a YouTube video where I was mostly looking for this song – Shearwater – Landscape At Speed.

    I’d LOVE to know more about how you’re rigging your beauty dish to a hotshoe flash (speedlite?) and whether it’s handheld or on a stand?

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