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DIY pocketwizard holder

DIY pocketwizard holder II

Pocketwizards are fantastic tools, but the little strap that comes with them to attach them to your light stand are atrocious, to say the least… I have resorted to rubber bands many times in the past and find them to be a little less annoying, but it still is a pain in the rear to […]

iphone tripod mount


DIY iphone tripod mount. 1x super clamp, 1x 1/4″ x 20 nut, 1x metal epoxy. less than $10 and rock solid! Related Posts:lightsphere vs. ghettosphereTrick the DX sensorDevelop b/w film at home 101DIY pocketwizard holderWeb hosting for photographers

lightsphere vs. ghettosphere

Ghettosphere I diagram

Gary Fong clear Photojournalist Lightsphere II Markus Hartel Ghettosphere clear PJ Lightsphere II translucent Ghettosphere I This weekend I futzed around with light modifiers for battery operated speedlites for an upcoming impromptu shoot at a live concert. Normally I’m an available light shooter, but I know that the light at the venue, or the lack […]

Trick the DX sensor


A simple trick can override your camera’s DX reading – The image above illustrates how to trick the DX reading of a simple point-and-shoot camera to expose Kodak Tri-X 400 at 1600 ISO… the process works with any DX reading camera and with any other exposure count / ISO combo: ASA 1 2 3 4 […]

Develop b/w film at home 101