Photography Workshop Dynamic Composition Master Class with homework assignments
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(Street) Photography Dynamic Composition Workshop and Lightroom Basics

About the Dynamic Composition Workshop

Dynamic Composition Master Class (Rule of thirds debunked)

modern american street photography by Markus Hartel, New York

modern american street photography by Markus Hartel, New York

modern american street photography by Markus Hartel, New York

modern american color street photography by Markus Hartel, New York

Visiting New York City?
Acquire the skills how to use your camera quickly in candid situations with an experienced street photography (color and black and white) tutor and composition master. Markus regularly teaches workshops with Leica camera and his work has been awarded and published internationally.

Join me for a 3-hour one-on-one street photography workshop that will change your life as a photographer.

Bring your photos to life by utilizing Dynamic Composition

There are a lot of folks out there teaching & preaching the technical side of photography and all they teach about composition is gut feeling. You probably know the rule of thirds, but I would tell you to forget about it within the first three minutes we meet, as the rule of thirds is as old as photography itself and not dynamic at all… Back then, photographers shot with an 8×10 view camera on a tripod at ISO 5 or 10, at most. This required their subjects to stay still for a minute or so. That’s how dynamic the rule of thirds really is.

Good photography is 30% instinct, 30% content, 90% composition, 30% editing and 10% technology. The numbers seem off the rail and don’t add up, but my point is that a photo can’t win if its not well composed. Well, you can have a great story with mediocre composition, or a great composition with mediocre content – My goal is to teach you how to combine both into one successful photograph by utilizing a few tricks of the trade (and the Rule of Thirds is not one of them!).

I have been a successful independent graphic artist for over 25 years – working as a typesetter, graphic designer, photo retoucher and photographer. All of these crafts are pretty much connected by their most common denominator – visual art, craft… and, you guessed right… composition… Every design, photograph and piece of art starts with a blank canvas and the possibilities may be endless, but the rule of thirds is way too restrictive with its four cross points –think about it– four points only on any canvas(!?) is way too simple, outdated, and lazy in a way. I should actually call this class “The Rule of Thirds debunked”, as there are much better methods to construct a photograph, or a painting, or any piece of art for that matter.

I will teach you a dynamic method that is backed up by nature, science, Leonardo Da Vinci, math –and on top of it– it is insanely easy to use by drawing a few lines (in your mind!), once you know how to do it. On top of that, you get – multiple, fluid and infinite reference points during my online Dynamic Composition Master Class over the course of three weeks, and you will be a master of Dynamic Composition in no time.

You can attend a Dynamic Composition Master Class from the comfort of your home and all you need is your computer for screen sharing and a few hours of your time for homework assignments!

What You’ll learn

  • The rule of thirds debunked
  • Composition do’s and dont’s
  • Using negative space
  • The math and magic behind it all
  • When centered compositions work

I will screen your best shots prior to the workshop and we will discuss your work in a small group on the computer, webinar style. You will also get a weekly homework assignment that you can shoot any place you want, and at the end of every session we’ll review your best shots from the previous week. In the meantime you have access to a private forum to ask questions, and to discuss your assignments, or any other photo related questions you may have.

Book a 3-week online composition workshop, to improve your photography, and here is what you’re getting:

Invaluable composition techniques, insight and knowledge from a fine art photographer – 3 week (2 hours each) live webinar, plus homework assignment per week

minimum of 4, and 8 participants max.


The next course starts: Every First Tuesday of the month, 10pm EST

What you need:
A recent web browser, microphone & webcam for screen sharing
recommended: Adobe Lightroom, as we will use basic Lightroom functionality

week 1

  • a personal review of your existing work (up to 10 photographs) prior to the workshop
  • group introduction
  • group slideshow, review and discussion of your existing work
  • composition pointers and discussion
  • homework/shooting assignment
  • Q&A
  • send in your three best shots of the week

week 2

  • review and discussion of your previous assignment
  • how to improve your work & post processing hints
  • homework/shooting assignment
  • Q&A
  • send in your three best shots of the week

week 3

  • review and discussion of your previous assignment
  • how did your work improve
  • how can you improve the quality of your work even further
  • editing hints
  • review/slideshow of the best shots of the class
  • Q&A

life time private forum and discussion access

You will receive further info regarding payment and technical info upon receipt of registration email

You will walk away with great photography composition tips and confidence to boost your photographic career forever

About Your Instructor

Markus Hartel, NYC street photographerCandid Photography 101 - 5 week class with Markus Hartel

Markus Hartel is not only a gifted Leica shooter, he also is an internationally acclaimed and published street photographer with the uncanny ability and an eye for storytelling within one frame.
Learn from the best and make the most out of your gear… book your New York street photo tour today.
night sessions and small group sessions are available upon special request

publications & featured work
Leica Akademie, featured photographer, USA
Street Photography Now, Thames&Hudson, UK
Stern, Germany
Afisha, Russia
Motorcycle Classics, USA
Digital photographer, UK, France, Spain
Vision, China
Manhattan Times, USA
Kodak Photo Of The Day
Lucie Awards
Best street photography blog

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street photography walking tours and workshopsstreet photography walking tours and workshops

street photography walking tours and workshops

street photography walking tours and workshops

I had the pleasure of observing Markus Hartel’s method and technique during a solo walking tour while I was in NYC May 2013. Hartel’s talent is inspiring and motivating; the experience left me feeling like I could start living on the streets of NYC and capture every seemingly ordinary yet remarkable moment. I would recommend his workshops to any photographer who is either curious if the street genre is right for them or any photographer who needs to be reinvigorated by their work; Hartel is capable of commencing both. Kristina P.


The One on one workshop with Markus was great. I have learned a few essential techniques for street photography. Markus explains the way he looks at street life and his reasoning for street photography, which are educational and inspirational. He also gives useful tips about composition and light, and how to act on the streets as a photographer. Those two hours were certainly useful and fun – I will keep the tips in mind every time I pick up a camera. Barış Gündüz, from İstanbul


Markus Hartel’s photographs are full of emotion, character, and truly represent slices of urban life. His ability to capture every-day moments is undeniable. But to me, his photographs go way beyond standard street photos. Every picture he selects from his extensive portfolio is artistic. Whether is be for the play on shadows, reflections, composition, point of view, his photographs have that extra bit that makes me look at his pictures again and again.
Street photography is a relatively new passion of mine and upon booking a trip to New York city, scheduling a one-on-one course with Markus was going to be the highlight of my trip.
High expectations can surely lead to disappointment but I can honestly say that Markus did not let me down. Markus not only is a great street photographer, he also is a fantastic teacher. His technical knowledge about all aspects of photography is extensive but more importantly, he gently guides your through the process of getting better pictures. I cannot promise you that after taking his course, your pictures will look like his but I can safely say that you will improve as a photographer. I certainly have! Patrick Monnier


Markus Hartel is a seriously talented artist, working in the medium of street photography, primarily in NYC. His work reminds me of Miles Davis music — spontaneous, fluid, elegant, distinctive, original, cool and truly expressive. Having transitioned to the digital universe only seven years ago after decades as an amateur photographer, my technical skills and knowledge lag far behind my sense of composition and photographic taste.

I was happy to discover that Markus offers private working lessons, soon after I bought a new digital SLR. We walked from Columbus Circle to Chinatown on a recent Saturday, talking about all things photography along the way, ranging from technical settings, lighting and camera use to photo aesthetics and how best to approach people when taking their picture in public settings. Markus is a patient instructor, a good communicator and fun to be with. I am in NYC regularly and look forward to spending more time learning from him.

I have taken a number of photography workshops over the years. This was the best photography learning experience I’ve ever had — and the most fun.
David S. Bush, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida


I just spent a few days taking One on One private classes and walking tour with Markus. I can only say that I had a wonderful experience and can’t believe that learned so much about photography within such a short amount of time. Not only were his classes extremely informative, I had a lot of fun hanging out with Markus who made the learning process almost effortless for me. I appreciate his great patience with me, and everyday, I just wished that my classes would never end! Thanks to Markus’ encouragement and skills as a teacher, I now have the confidence and ability to fully explore my new found passion in photography. I will be sure to visit you again whenever I am next back in New York City! Kevin Chan


Markus Hartel is an amazing teacher. Markus was able to explain function, purpose and result to me in a succinct manner, that was friendly and explicit. he not only explained to me HOW to do something, but he was illustrative in explaining WHY I would need to approach each project in a certain way. Markus was patient with my many questions and always had (or found a way) to have an answer for me. I am forever grateful for the knowledge he bestowed on me… Kari Paszynsky


Very happy to had accidentally come across Markus’ street photography tour and signing up for it! Was a impulse buy out of frustration with the regular ‘commercial’ photography tours that you can always find online! I knew nothing about street photography and just thought this experience would fit into my overall goal for my visit which was to try to see the city with different eyes this time and discover a more subtle side of it. So I was mostly interested in composition techniques and how to find subjects and stories. And the experience was just that and much more! I must also say that I don’t have a strong technical background at all – and that’s an overstatement as I mostly use my camera in auto mode. However the one-to-one tour was also a chance for me to learn some more about the manual AV and TV modes and practice using them with Markus’s help and guidance. I had an excellent experience, really enjoyed and appreciated everything Markus had to say about photography, camera use and his city knowledge in general, and became really fascinated with this side of the photography art!! Not to mention how motivated I am to learn more about my camera now and maybe try this once again in the future!

And just a couple of tips to add if I may:) wear confy shoes and try not to book this for the same day you’re flying in…:) There will be a lot going on around you, a lot of walking to do and so much more to focus on – so, better not be tired! Oana Stefanescu


Many thanks once again. I took more away from our course than I thought I did at the time, walking round NY over the few days later I found myself constantly thinking about the things you said as did my daughter, she just needs a bit more confidence but she’s only a teenager. Brian Doyle


In preparation to my trip to New York City I was looking for inspiration online. “NYC Street Photography” was my search term and Markus Hartel was the first one to appear. On his web site I found many impressive pictures and he quickly became my favorite street photographer. He also offered street photo walking tours and I said to myself “this sounds too good to be true” and booked a session right away. No surprise, Hartel’s knowledge and camera skill is something to marvel at and I hope to achieve his mastery one day. Markus’ One-on-One tour certainly brought me much closer to my goal. Roger Caines


On a gorgeous spring day in New York City my girlfriend and I decided to go for a walk in NYC. After passing Central Park we ended up at Columbus Circle and the Time Warner Center which I was then inspecting closely. In my fascination maybe too close – I first lost, then found my girlfriend talking to a man with a camera and as it turned out she surprised me with a One-on-One Tour with Markus. She blew my mind! After a quick introduction we took off for a shooting tour through NYC.
After a few questions to evaluate my skill level and experience which both was a that time ZERO, the Master Class began.
We were walking through the streets in search of interesting situations and I risked my first (couple) shots. I was troubled, dreading the reactions of people but Markus gave me advice (never hide the camera, pay attention to people’s reactions and body language and finally DON’T SCARE THEM).
During the tour we managed to identify and capture various interesting moments and finished the Master Class with a composition of a poster displaying four men in suits and fifth, a man on the sidewalk, completing the photo.
In conclusion I had a great experience, a One-on-One with Markus is an unforgettable experience and allowed me rapid progress. Cédric Roux

I am back to work after a wonderful vacation in NY. I am remebering with a lot of pleasure the workshop we had last week. I believe those one on one three hours have been the most productive three hours I have had lately, you helped me focus on many aspects of street shooting which I was unawere of.

I think that the exercise we had at that corner in Madison was wonderful, chasing the good light from the reflection open my eyes to search for the light when I am walking in the streets. Everyday after the workshop I was always looking for the good light.

In addition I liked your approach of getting closer to the subject, while I am not that close yet, it forces me to try to get closer and use the stealth attitude you have. I was also impressed with the speed of your photography action, it is very dynamic and demanding to never miss a good picture opportunity.

But more than all that I had a great time talking to you while we had a wonderful stroll through the streets of NY. I look forward to see you next time I am there and will continue with a another workshop. Gonzalo Rodriguez


“Inspiration und Spass: Ich hatte das Vergnügen, im Oktober 2x mit Markus eine “one-on-one NYC custom street photography tour” machen zu können. ich kannte Markus bis dahin nicht und war gespannt auf die Tour. Es war kein Fotokurs im klassischen Sinne, sondern wir sind jeweils 3 Stunden quer durch Manhattan gelaufen und haben dabei fachgesimpelt und geknipst. Nach einem Abgleich meiner Fotokenntnisse hat mich Markus an die besten Locations geführt und tolle Tipps für die Strassenfotos gegeben. Ich habe erstmals entfesselt geblitzt. Ein unglaublicher Riesenspass. Wichtig war mir meine Unsicherheiten bei den dichten Straßenportraits abzulegen, da hatte Markus wirklich klasse Tipps. Kann nur jedem empfehlen, wenn er/sie NY und Streetphotography mag, mal eine Tour mit Markus zu buchen. Auch vom Gebotenen zu den Kosten – super. Nächstes Jahr bin ich wieder dabei. Gruss nach NYC. Uli


I’m finally taking the time to write you back after the workshop I took with you in September – which by the way was one of the best inspiring experience I ever had. It helped me being less shy in the street with my camera, even if I realized that I’m not, at least for now, a “close shooter” as you are. Thanks a lot, I’ll for sure contact you next time I come to NYC for another workshop :) Florent