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Born in Germany, I developed my love for photography when I was a kid. My grandma used to give me her rangefinder camera to take family pictures. That was fun!

Being a teenager, I bought my first camera and within a few years I developed the necessary technical skills for serious photography. I made a living as a typographer, graphic designer and as a digital photo retoucher… eventually documenting real life became my passion.

Coming to New York City in 2003 was a great inspiration and I started documenting every day people in the urban jungle with my Leica – I would roam the streets for hours, longing for the next great photograph. There are many different types of photography, but eventually documenting real life through street photography became my passion.

During the past few years my love for photography has grown, my work evolved and became multi-faceted, but I always stayed true to the original picture, as candid as it can be!

now, take a seat and enjoy my galleries!

P.S. I won’t pester you with ads, but if you buy photography gear from the provided links, I’ll receive a small percentage from the sale.

You can also donate directly towards my project “Amerika”

thank you for your support!

New York City photographic fine art prints are available in the print store
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26 Replies to “About Me”

  1. It looks to me like you really know your way around B&W – beautiful photographs. I’m inspired to go out and try it with the help of your conversion technique.
    btw, I’ve been looking for a way to use my slr single handed. In your “self portrait” it looks like you have a way of using some sort of strap on one hand. Please share information about that, too.
    Tks! – Tom

  2. Your photography is amazing. Not only is it visually compelling (contrast, composition, subject matter and facial expressions) it’s so cool the way you have been able to capture and juxtapose those little ironies. Like excellent poetry. Sorry, words are inadequate. Fantastic!
    (I found your site via your find on Foundmagazine; someone’s comment mentioned it, so I thought I’d check it out. I’m glad I did!)

  3. I absolutely love your work Markus!
    You also motivated me to start doing streetphotography. I put my digital rebel back on the shelf and bought a cheap Ricoh 500G rangefinder to start out with. Nowadays i shoot about 2 rolls/week and I’m trying to improve my “dare” to get closer to people. Keep up the good work Markus!

  4. Hi šŸ™‚ I’m a student in a digital photography class and my class has an assignment to research a photographer that has an interesting shooting style to us.
    I really like your work and I have decided to use you as my photography inspiration. I have to write a one page report telling about my photographer including some relevant information about how you achieve your shots as well as biographical content.
    The interview and about me section was really helpful but I was wondering if you could tell me some other things like what school you went to, who you work for, how you take your shots, etc..

  5. I’m sure I’m just restating what millions others have already stated, but I can’t resist… You pictures are just fabulous! And thank you so much for sharing your secrets via the tutorial. I probably learned more about photography through your website than all others combined…

  6. This picture sets a really nice mood. one half of the photo is moving while background is sorta out of focus and the person in the middle is the subject of the photo. It kinda implies to me that the world is moving around on one half, the other is gradually changing and the subject of the photo is the person who seperates themselves from this photo.
    New york is THE city.

  7. thanks for the tutorials very useful. and your work is truly outstanding! i am already a returning visitor, please keep up this high quality work and continue sharing your tutorials. best from hungary

  8. dear markus,
    i have to say that i’ve been following your work ever since i came across your web site about 6 months ago.
    it is trully inspiring, your tutorials are so detailed and helpful (the one on how to hold the camera really saved my life šŸ˜‰ and your photos are amazing. B/W photography is my favorite but the way you have captured light and colors in your “coloured” pics is just incredible.
    I guess you shoot everything in colour and then convert in b/w, right? well, it’s really hard to decide which ones to keep in colour, but your selection is breathtaking most of the times šŸ™‚
    pls keep uploading pics, and thank you!

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