About Street Photography

A man in a pimp pinstripe suit turning around after another man, he is holding a wad of cash, humorous (Markus Hartel)

I create fine art street photographs from scenes that I come across with my Leica camera on a daily basis.

What is street photography? A reflection of every day life – real, unaltered impressions of public places, places that everybody visits every day, the street where you live, the parking lot of your favorite grocery store, the subway. Street photographers document the truth – take candid pictures of things that you don’t notice in your daily grind.

Street photography involves attention to detail. The photographer pays attention to scenes, moments that you only recognize subconsciously. The camera is an unobtrusive extension of the eye in any given situation. Oftentimes, street photographers take pictures they feel; the photographer happens to be there and captures the mood in a fraction of a second. He freezes a moment that you will forget in the same amount of time…

Now, take your time and enjoy my vision of everyday life.

Markus Hartel
New York City, 2011

born in Duisburg/Homberg, Germany
(September 30th)

apprenticeship/typesetter, Germany

graphic design & printshop owner, digital photography

moved to US

moved to New York City, starting a career as a street photographer

The Americans 2010 (to be continued)

Leica Akademie featured photographer & speaker
published in TIME 2x

my work has been published and awarded internationally
Street Photography Now (Thames and Hudson), digital photographer (UK, Italy, France, Spain), stern (Germany), afisha (Moscow), vision (China), Manhattan Times (NYC), classic motorcycle (USA), Kodak picture of the day, photobloggies “Best street photography blog”, Lucie awards 2006, photolife, TIME

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  1. hello, im madison. im young but i have a passion for photography. you pieces are really what im into. but do you ask to take these pictures? or just snap them. well they are really something.

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