All About Hands

two passerby's and a billboard showing different hand gestures (Markus Hartel)
click on the image to purchase a license or a print (Markus Hartel street photography)

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6 Replies to “All About Hands”

  1. Great expressions… but I’ll be honest: I think I would like it better either in color or b&w, but not inbetween. Color seems to document and b&w speaks about the mood. But this type of coloration seems to take away from both. Meine ganz persönliche Meinung.

  2. Markus I love this image the subject placement is stunning, and the guy with his hands on his face just elevates this to outstanding, my only negative (excuse the pun) comment would be you have gone over to the dark side Jedi and forsaken the halides of silver!!!
    Please come back or conversly give me your Leica and I shall continue to feed and nurture it, allowing you to occasionally hold it….

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