Leica Akademie ACE NYC

street photography by Markus Hartel, NYC
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markus hartel street photography contact sheet/sequence
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I was teaching at Leica Akademie today and after going over the camera specifics, we went out for two hours of shooting and upon returning to the Hotel’s conference room I reviewed one of my shots and to explain my thought process I showed the outtakes from the digital contact sheet.

walking up to Madison Square Garden I noticed the billboard on the phone booth with a pair of feet sticking out at the bottom, essentially extending the advertisement. All in camera edits happen in the viewfinder, as I rarely rely on the LCD display for review.

1. move in, vertical shot – positioning is off
2. move sideways to correct position, left corner is empty
3. I start shooting horizontals, left corner is empty again
4. change angle to tighten the left and wait for someone to fill the right… I like the feet position, very Charlie Chaplin like
5. the feet moved slightly and match the billboard perfectly and someone walks into my frame. I know this is the one!
6. one more, just in case
7. aaand one more

as a bonus I took home a Leica M9 Monochrome, also known as M9M, for testing & I will report shortly… that being said, the shot above was taken with my trusty “regular” M9 at ISO 1,000

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