8th Ave subway

street photography by Markus Hartel, New York
street photography by Markus Hartel, New York
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I try to avoid photographing people’s backs, and sometimes you have to break your own rules. one-on-one outtake w/Marty… During our 3 hour walk today, I took 108 frames and this one is the “keeper” worth blogging about. I missed the couple kissing on 42nd street, as they noticed me and were posing for the camera, and I wish the angle of shot with the woman pointing w/ the Statue of Liberty on the “hop on, hop off” tourist bus was straight enough to be useable… mental note – great spot, great light, go back and try again…

a good rule to go bybest piece of advice I ever gave to students: you missed the shot? go out, try again and keep pushing yourself to achieve something new, bud

talent needs development, a good amount of nourishment and in in order to survive, especially if you want to hack it as an artist – a whole lot of dedication to begin with…
just like a musician practices their scales, a photographer needs to go out and practice their skills, technically and visually – eventually, the gear will become secondary and the artist’s vision will come through

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