Have A Nice Day!

New York street photography by Markus Hartel

after a bit of shooting after work, I got on the crowded C-train during rush hour and scored a seat, and as usual I’m reading a book to round off my day. At some point a suit wearing tinted glasses takes a seat next to me and opens his newspaper. he kindly folds his paper vertically in half, like an experienced NYC subway rider.

Minding my own business, I keep reading my novel. a new subway stop comes up and people shuffle left and right, seats become vacant and occupied at the same time, upon the NYC style “stand clear at the closing door” the train takes off. newspaper guy chews gum. he’s smacking every 30 seconds. I make smacking noises. the guy to the left of me seems to get really irritated by all that smacking. I’m reading. smack to my right… he goes on my nerves. I finally turn to him and call him “an obnoxious douchebag” he says “excuse me” I say “stop that shit” he says “I’m sorry”… I say “I’m gonna hit you on your head” his rebuttal “really” comes quickly, but he gets off the train at the next stop. what a coincidence…

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