How to load a Rolleiflex

The question how to load a Rolleiflex came up in on of the photography forums I visit, so I illustrated the process and took the chance to bring my photo related tutorials section “live” which I meant to do a while ago…

1. Take the old film spool from the bottom and place it in the take-up compartment

2. Place the film in the bottom of the camera and feed the backing paper under the first metal roll (film feeler)

3. Feed the backing paper trough the slot of the take-up spool

4. Roll the backing paper 2 times around the take-up spool (clockwise)

5. Fix the take-up spool in its compartment – place right side of the spool first and pull the knob on the left out, push the take-up spool in place and let the knob go.
Unfold the film advance crank and advance clockwise, until the arrows line up with the film feeler, close the back

6. Advance the film crank clockwise, until it stops – film counter shows “1”. If the film advances without stopping, you did not feed the film under the “film feeler” roll (2)

7. Reverse film advance crank counterclockwise and fold away. Your Rolleiflex is ready to go

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14 Replies to “How to load a Rolleiflex”

  1. Thanks, thanks a lot. Couldn’t advance the counter because I didn’t notice that first latch, the film just didn’t advance correctly. Now I can begin using the grandfather camera, thanks again.

  2. Thank you so much for those instructions. I too missed the first reel and ened up wasting a film because the counter didn’t move on.

  3. Hadn’t put a film through the T in a while. Memory not as good as it used to be. Thanks for the excellent details.

  4. Thanks loads. Dad passed away a week ago and photography was his love as weel as mine, but he was always old scholl while I am digi. But now I have all his equipment I feel I should learn how to use it to keep his memory going.

  5. Thank you for these very clear pictures and very clear instructions. I managed to load my 120 film on the first try after mangling the demo roll the store gave me to practices with.

  6. Its been awhile since I loaded a 120 camera. I was a little
    foggy on how to load one. I have a Rolleiflex Model 3 K4B2 and
    two Yashica’s 44a’s 127 a Grey one & a Black one. Thanks I’ll have no problem loading any of them now.

    1. John – €1000 is a very good price for a 2.8F if the camera is in good condition… good luck & keep me posted!

      thanks for the nice video

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