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black and white street photography by Markus Hartel, New York
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There are rare moments when I have the time and opportunity to shoot sequences – when a scene strikes me as being interesting, I position myself and I set the scene through my viewfinder. I almost never use continuous mode on my camera, as I prefer to define my own rhythm. In this case I shot 16 frames within one minute, which in turn would be one frame every 3.75 seconds, but it doesn’t pan out that way – it went like this: notice scene – set framing – double check settings – click – start shooting – 21 second gap – find rhythm – wait for right frame – click one more…

sure, I could shoot a 20 fps camera and get something decent, but I’d still risk missing *the* shot – a camera’s computer simply doesn’t know *when* to hit it – I prefer to define my own rhythm and press the shutter button at my own pace (my subject’s pace, really). in the accompanying contact sheet you can somewhat follow my thought process

markus hartel street photography nyc
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frame 1 – interesting scene, let’s see how I can frame it
frame 2 – car in the way, let’s wait and keep shooting
frame 3 – something moving
frame 4 – I’m waiting for something to fill the corners… traffic light… 21 second gap
frame 5 – people walking east (into left corner, away from me) may work – damn, backs only
frame 10 – crowd coming towards me
frame 11 – find rhythm
frame 13/14 – inching in, I have some maybe’s in my viewfinder
frame 15 – I think I nailed it
frame 16 – one more, that’s it…

intuition comes to play and the second to last frame in a sequence is (as it oftentimes is) the winner in my book

you may have noticed the 3rd pic in the top row (good one) and so did I… to mark shots in Lightroom – simply hit “P” for a pick, “x” for a reject and the numbers 1-5 for ratings. I normally give a “3” for photos I like on any given photo and go from there…

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