screen calibration

The most accurate way of calibrating your computer monitor is using a color sensor with dedicated calibration software Buy the Datacolor Spyder4Pro S4P100 Colorimeter for Display Calibration on amazon

Spyder4Pro is a display color-calibration solution designed for photographers and creative professionals who need to match prints with their displays. Featuring a full-spectrum seven-color sensor that can accurately characterize a range of wide gamut and normal displays, Spyder4Pro lets you use the same sensor to calibrate your monitor, laptop computer, iPad, and iPhone. Spyder4Pro uses double-shielded filters for long life and optimum performance, and it can adapt to ambient light conditions, giving you true-to-life image reproduction.

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  1. Your work is excellent. I am using a D200 and I love B & W. Do you mind telling me how you get those brilliant almost metallic Black and Whites?

  2. hi! i was just googling for an image for a art project for some influence and i found your pictures stunning! i am amazed by how you capture such a gorgeous moments on a random time basis, im only 14 but i love what you do! 🙂
    keep the work good work up! 🙂

  3. Great b/w street work! I have loaded my first roll of b/w into my brand new Bessa. I am inspired by your shooting and will visit often.
    A tech question if I may… how do you scan your film? What kind of scanner do you use?
    Thanks for the posts,

  4. I love you work. I love and like to take street photography too. If you have the time I would greatly appreciate you checking out my blog and website and look at my photography too.

  5. Woww…I’m speechless! Your work is simply Amazing!!…I look forward in seeing more in the near future. Thanks for sharing it with me, you make NYC a special place.

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