Web hosting for photographers

top ten web hosting companies for photographers

Being a graphic designer, photographers would oftentimes ask me which web host to use for their portfolio websites and blogs. I compiled a list of reputable and reliable web site hosting companies for my fellow (street) shooters. I have used a wide range of web hosts during my long career as a web developer and here my top web host for geeks and photographers. hostgator offers all the geeky tools and installs one could wish for on shared hosting… ssh, Ruby on Rails, I was able to install Django for a project I’m working on and managed to hook my account up with git. Hands down, hostgator is #1 and I will not make any other recommendation from here on out.

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$3.96 with unlimited space and traffic, free domain name included. tons of extensions available, most notably Ruby on Rails, ssh and git for the Über-geeks. hostgator is currently my go-to web hosting company and this site is running on hostgator.

Pretty much very web host provides the basics like bandwidth and disk space, with excellent uptime guarantee. Photographers who want to showcase or sell their work, may want a few extras like a content management system (I’d suggest wordpress for a blog and easy updates), or an e-commerce solution to sell photos and merchandise. Most web hosts today offer c-panel or other solutions for backend access and maintenance, which automatically includes statistics, database tools and software installs like Joomla, wordpress, phpbb and many more…

Be careful with your consideration, and don’t let price alone be the determining factor, as you may stick with your provider for a few years. Uptime is just as important as speedy delivery, especially with larger images. I’d definitely suggest using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) like cloudflare to make your website as fast as possible, the free plan is fine for starters and I’d suggest to update to pro when traffic increases.

Cloudflare integration
If you plan on running your website on wordpress, cloudflare offers a plugin that takes care of everything for you, all you need to do is plug in their provided app codes, change the domain name servers and your site is super-charged within 5 minutes.

AdWord Credit
Many web hosts offer free google adword credit ranging from $25 to $300, which you can use to run ads on google to boost traffic hostgator just sent me an additional $300 credit in the mail

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