How to load a Rolleiflex

The question how to load a Rolleiflex came up in on of the photography forums I visit, so I illustrated the process and took the chance to bring my photo related tutorials section “live” which I meant to do a while ago…

1. Take the old film spool from the bottom and place it in the take-up compartment

2. Place the film in the bottom of the camera and feed the backing paper under the first metal roll (film feeler)

3. Feed the backing paper trough the slot of the take-up spool

4. Roll the backing paper 2 times around the take-up spool (clockwise)

5. Fix the take-up spool in its compartment – place right side of the spool first and pull the knob on the left out, push the take-up spool in place and let the knob go.
Unfold the film advance crank and advance clockwise, until the arrows line up with the film feeler, close the back

6. Advance the film crank clockwise, until it stops – film counter shows “1”. If the film advances without stopping, you did not feed the film under the “film feeler” roll (2)

7. Reverse film advance crank counterclockwise and fold away. Your Rolleiflex is ready to go

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