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Photoshop performance booster

There are many ways to tinker with and improve Photoshop’s performance, most importantly to allocate plenty of RAM for the application and utilizing a second hard drive as a scratch disk, both of which are sufficient most of the time. However, if you are working with large files on a regular basis, and file save […]

My window

view out of my window, Washington Heights, NYC - street photography by Markus Hartel, NYC

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post processing experiment

how to make your photo shine… post processing experiment – email your RAW or jpg file to [email protected] and upon selection I will post a video tutorial on my blog. I’ll process your image in Lightroom or Photoshop (your choice, make a note in your email) and I’ll explain in a video response what I’m […]

resizing film grain vs digital noise

Oh I’ll bet this has been asked and answered a billion times, but has anyone ever seen a good explanation between the difference between film grain and digital pixels. What I mean by that is that you can take a nice “clean” digital image from a good sized noiseless sensor and with some interpolation you […]

Guide Guide for Photoshop

I give you GuideGuide: a columns, rows and midpoints panel for Photoshop CS4 & CS5 most excellent for (web) design in Photoshop purchase & download directly from amazon: Adobe Photoshop CS6 | Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 Redefine your photography with TopazLabs plug-in bundle Purchase TopazLabs B&W White Effects today! Related Posts:resizing film grain vs digital […]

Non-destructive Photoshop dodge/burn

Sometimes it is more intuitive to dodge and burn instead of using curves, here I dodged some detail into the smoke and burned the shadows a bit more for drama. Did it ever bug you that dodging/burning in Photoshop is destructive and can not be changed after you used the tools? I have good news […]

Easy Neutral Colors

Oftentimes it might be a bit tricky to achieve the right White Balance, especially when shooting jpg. I usually shoot RAW and try to get the color temperature as close as possible in Adobe Camera RAW or Lightroom. For this tutorial I purposely introduced a slight yellow-ish warm cast to the image. Oftentimes, it’s hard […]

Channel Mixer Settings

here are some Photoshop Channel Mixer values to create the look of different kinds of film Film Type R G B Film Type R G B AGFA 200X 18 41 41 Ilford Pan F 33 36 31 Agfapan 25 25 39 36 Ilford SFX 36 31 33 Agfapan 100 21 40 39 Ilford XP2 Super […]

Real film grain files!

NEW – stylize your DSLR video film grain clips from the original scans! NEW! download grungestock film grain for DSLR video, also available with Instant Color Grading™ Since I posted the “convert to b/w” tutorial I had quite a few requests for my “real” film grain files. Each file is full frame 35mm, 24MP equivalent […]

Color to b/w conversion

Photoshop Layer Masks 101

photoshop layer mask tutorial by markus hartel

You can easily create a composition like this from three similar shots using layer masks in Photoshop. Basically, you set up a tripod, take a few single shots of you in different positions and compose the whole thing in Photoshop, using layers and masks… First, select one of the shots as the main layer of […]