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black and white street photography by Markus Hartel, NY
black and white street photography by Markus Hartel, NY
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The recently filmed video documentary , which was shot with two different cameras, a Sony NEX-7 and a Canon Rebel t3i, led to a discussion about sensor technology and how they record the image (both have CMOS sensors btw., the Leica M9 has a CCD sensor).

For the intro, a running subway train was shot from the platform and due to the motion of the train – and the horizontal, scan line recording pattern of the camera the car’s windows appears to be distorted, something film makers call “rolling shutter”.

eventually, I mentioned the Sigma DP-1 with its Foveon sensor, and went through the archives to demonstrate the fantastic detail it captures, irregardless of the low megapixel count. I imagine the Leica M9 monochrom to be along those lines in terms of quality, as it simply doesn’t have a color filter in front of the sensor.

much less less of an issue with still photography, and a great example is Jacques Henri Lartigue’s photo of a race car

looking back at the 2,910 shots I have taken in a little over a year, the DP-1 didn’t work out for me, I’d go through my photo library and kept remembering what a horrible experience it was… the shot above “Slash my ex” was taken with the Sigma DP-1 and processed in Lightroom 4

CCD vs CMOS sensor technology further reading

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