Mentoring at FotoWik · University Panamericana Mexico City

Markus Hartel street photography, New York

Markus Hartel street photography, New York

I’m super excited to go to Mexico City for a week to teach street photography and mentor aspiring (street) photographers at the Universidad Panamericana (University) in Mexico City. To me, it’s a dream come true… I love teaching, I love street photography and I yet have to sort out the traveling part (mainly due to two cats and a new home in the Hudson Valley), but it really is thrilling to me to show my work, my world and my point of view to complete strangers and inspire them with my art.

My (this) photography web site is close to ten years in the making and I have tutored a couple of hundred aspiring photographers over the past three years, for Leica camera at first, and then I have decided to host my own one-on-one street photography workshops… I have sold prints, zines and iPad apps via the iTunes store. Turns out, that my vast experience in photography, graphic design, typography, technology, cameras and anything graphic art related rings a bell in some people’s minds, and I love meeting new people to guide them through seeing with a fresh pair of eyes…

I’m a firm believer of the apprenticeship model (I have apprenticed to be a typesetter from 1987-1990), where people learn their profession by doing, and workshops can do that on a light speed, accelerated, timeline. How much of it is possible to memorize in a short amount of time is questionable, as our brains tend to not do well with short term memory, as we learn by repetition – my students are generally more than pleased with the inspiration and the (street) photography results they are getting.

Anyways, enough of shining a light on myself… go out shooting & maybe I’ll see you in Mexico City next month!!!

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