Mary Poppins

street photography by Markus Hartel, NY-fukin-C
street photography by Markus Hartel, NY-fukin-C
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Recently, I received an invitation to join the flickr/getty program with a list of fourteen candidates of my photos for their stock photography catalogue… I’d love to join, except for the fact that a model release would be required for every single photo they picked going through Getty…

That being said, to anyone doing this kind of work… street photography doesn’t sell, unless the photographer is able to obtain model releases/property releases, which in turn makes it commercial photography. keep clicking, keep it candid and get a release at the same time… just sayin’


Q: Are there any types of images you can’t accept?
A: We don’t accept images of any recognizable people or private property unless proper releases are available for commercial use. So we can’t accept images of celebrities, sports teams, products etc. “Street shots” or any images with people where you can’t provide a release also won’t work. For all images, you need to be the original producer and copyright holder of anything you submit.”

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