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Non-destructive Photoshop dodge/burn

Sometimes it is more intuitive to dodge and burn instead of using curves, here I dodged some detail into the smoke and burned the shadows a bit more for drama. Did it ever bug you that dodging/burning in Photoshop is destructive and can not be changed after you used the tools? I have good news […]

Easy Neutral Colors

Oftentimes it might be a bit tricky to achieve the right White Balance, especially when shooting jpg. I usually shoot RAW and try to get the color temperature as close as possible in Adobe Camera RAW or Lightroom. For this tutorial I purposely introduced a slight yellow-ish warm cast to the image. Oftentimes, it’s hard […]

Channel Mixer Settings

here are some Photoshop Channel Mixer values to create the look of different kinds of film Film Type R G B Film Type R G B AGFA 200X 18 41 41 Ilford Pan F 33 36 31 Agfapan 25 25 39 36 Ilford SFX 36 31 33 Agfapan 100 21 40 39 Ilford XP2 Super […]

Real film grain files!

NEW – stylize your DSLR video film grain clips from the original scans! NEW! download grungestock film grain for DSLR video, also available with Instant Color Grading™ Since I posted the “convert to b/w” tutorial I had quite a few requests for my “real” film grain files. Each file is full frame 35mm, 24MP equivalent […]

Color to b/w conversion

Sunny 16 Rule

A simple rule of thumb for taking photos in daylight without a light meter. The rule is quite easy to remember – if you’re taking a photo in bright daylight set the aperture to f/16 and set the shutter speed to be as near as possible to the same number as the film speed. So […]

Trick the DX sensor

A simple trick can override your camera’s DX reading – The image above illustrates how to trick the DX reading of a simple point-and-shoot camera to expose Kodak Tri-X 400 at 1600 ISO… the process works with any DX reading camera and with any other exposure count / ISO combo: ASA 1 2 3 4 […]

Zone focusing

With street photography zone focusing can be a life-saver between the decisive moment and a hit-and-miss-shot – toss the autofocus camera and get a manual lens instead… Zone focusing is pretty straightforward, the photographer simply uses the DOF (Depth Of Field) effect to have the desired object(s) at working distance in focus. Zone focussing comes […]

Photoshop Layer Masks 101

photoshop layer mask tutorial by markus hartel

You can easily create a composition like this from three similar shots using layer masks in Photoshop. Basically, you set up a tripod, take a few single shots of you in different positions and compose the whole thing in Photoshop, using layers and masks… First, select one of the shots as the main layer of […]