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Diagonal Method for composition in photography

photography color street photography by Markus Hartel, NYC

A popular topic during my one-on-one workshops is composition and many photographers have heard about the rule of thirds – I personally think the rule of thirds works better with the older aspect ratios 4×5, 8×10 as the frames weren’t as wide as the modern 35mm frame with its 2×3 aspect ratio. Yet, the Rule […]

post processing experiment

how to make your photo shine… post processing experiment – email your RAW or jpg file to [email protected] and upon selection I will post a video tutorial on my blog. I’ll process your image in Lightroom or Photoshop (your choice, make a note in your email) and I’ll explain in a video response what I’m […]

Top tips for black and white shooters

top tips for black and white photographers

Avoid flat lighting like the plague and avoid shooting mid-day in the sun, find spots with interesting light and shadow details. Look for interesting textures and patterns. Try shooting at night – the light, or lack thereof, is much more dynamic at night and looks fantastic in black and white A calibrated computer monitor is […]

Lightroom Printing on Epson K3 printers (OS X Lion)

color street photography by Markus Hartel, New York City

– download the latest driver for your Epson printer and install them on your machine – download the manufacturer’s ICC profiles for the paper you’re using. I highly recommend Epson Exhibition Fiber for color and black and white work. find Epson profiles here – select the correct paper size under “page setup” – hit command-p, […]

resizing film grain vs digital noise

Oh I’ll bet this has been asked and answered a billion times, but has anyone ever seen a good explanation between the difference between film grain and digital pixels. What I mean by that is that you can take a nice “clean” digital image from a good sized noiseless sensor and with some interpolation you […]

The complete guide to mounting and matting

get the pdf file here a great video tutorial by Dave Beckerman Related Posts:Top tips for black and white shootersLightroom Printing on Epson K3 printers (OS X Lion)resizing film grain vs digital noiseflash on the streetDiagonal Method for composition in photography

flash on the street

sometimes the use of fill flash can help you out tremendously in harsh lighting conditions, or just provide the extra kick for the look of your pics… I started out using an off-camera cord, but hated every second the logistics of it, so… option #1 off-camera flash cord, which is a pain in the ass […]