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Channel Mixer Settings

here are some Photoshop Channel Mixer values to create the look of different kinds of film

Film Type R G B Film Type R G B
AGFA 200X 18 41 41 Ilford Pan F 33 36 31
Agfapan 25 25 39 36 Ilford SFX 36 31 33
Agfapan 100 21 40 39 Ilford XP2 Super 21 42 37
Agfapan 400 20 41 39 Kodak T-Max 100 24 37 39
Ilford Delta 100 21 42 37 Kodak T-Max 400 27 36 37
Ilford Delta 400 22 42 36 Kodak Tri-X 400 25 35 40
Ilford Delta 3200 31 36 33 Normal Contrast 43 33 30
Ilford FP4 28 41 31 High Contrast 40 34 60
Ilford HP5 23 37 40 Generic B/W 24 68 8

note: open up the Channel Mixer, activate the "Monochrome" setting and type in the given RGB values.

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Jesus, Markus! and it`s not even my birthday!!!


nice, thanks a lot. Where did you get these values?

you're welcome. the values are approximate, but should be close enough...

interesting values!!
It would be also very interesting to have some infos on colour management: your colour photos are great!


Markus, I cannot thank you enough for your b/w tutorials.. They are absolutely first rate. For two years I have been trying to get digital bw that doesn't look like crap, and almost gave up. Thanks for not being a greedy one and sharing what works for you, unlike many other photographers who keep their recipes to themselves. I always liked your photos, as well ;)

Very nice. But should'nt they all ad up to 100? And whats the difference between "Normal contrast" and "generic BW"?

Markus wow I am SOOOOOO happy I found this! I am a question that only you would probably have the answer to:
Is there anyway to get a look that would be similar to platinotype platinum/palladium prints for fine art work?


Markus, this really is such a fantastic tutorial - I've been looking for something like this for such a long time.
BTW: I used to have you on MySpace [I deleted the profile a wee while back] I tried finding you again, but no luck, hit me up: www.myspace.com/cornishruss

Keep up the great work!

This is great information, but.....how do I do this in Lightroom ? There I do have a channelmixer for gray, but not with just RGB, but with a lot more colors.....

Mmmz, any idea?

Wow markus i just discovered your stuff and i'm already in love with it.

im being forced to price the lecia m6 on ebay because of you. but i suppose these channel mixer settings will work until i can get my hands on some film

thanks again man, great stuff
i have a couple questions about gear, ill shoot you an email

Markus, thank you for the great information, I value it a lot and find it very useful for my work. thanks again.

p.s. your portfolio is great



Just find your website, because of an article in a Dutch Photo magazine... Great site, fantastic pics and thanks for sharing information.



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